“Monna got to work immediately by establishing herself with the staff in terms of both authority and comradeship, She mixed direct communication, humor, perceptiveness, receptivity and decisiveness to achieve this, continually able to confront difficult problems without allowing relations to become adversarial. Monna consistently did her job with integrity and stamina; she remained loyal to me and to my vision even in difficult times”
Michael Topel, Owner,
“Monna is a top-notch producer who has a strong eye for creative work. She has a strong intuitive sense of what will and won't work. Monna's intuition also helps her understand people and how to get the best out of them.”
Anwar Khuri, Producer
“Monna has the answer before most people even know there is a question. Very bright, resourceful, the Martha Stewart of broadcast production.”
Jan Deatherage, Director of Client Services
The Integer Group, Dallas
“Monna "covers" you as a creative. She takes the weight of the production off your shoulders so you can focus on the creative outcome.”
Randy Sims, Owner
XQ Partners/St. Louis

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